Limited Edition

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The Limited edition is unique jewelry for personalities who like to own something stunning and different.

Each jewel is as individual as you.

These pieces of jewellery  are difficult or impossible to make again and therefor strictly limited.

In this collection Genuine Antique bead pendants are used.

These beads are carefully collected in Nepal & Tibet.

Rare, unique, old, powerful Gemstones sourced from travels in far off lands, from cultures that are dripping in history.

Such a source of inspiration to spend time in the remote places , never knowing what will be in the next little village.

These items are handmade, handcrafted by artisans who’s skills have been handed down over many generations in Indonesia.

Therefor these jewels like to be nurtured by people who understand their power and energy, people who have respect for other cultures and like to carry that intricate value with them. The jewels are  a reminder, of that special beauty and strength.

Would you prefer another size or add a unique chain, silver, gold or leather?

Via Custom request you may make it just the way you want it.

The jewels of the limited edition are all sent without shipping costs.

Simply add it to your cart & enjoy shopping with Frelia!