Nepalese treasures

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The Nepalese Treasures is a collection inspired by the rare, antique beads from Nepal and Tibet.

Once a means of carrying wealth, the intricate antique beads are dripping in history.

The beads were originally used for rituals and carry a special energy.

Frelia has collected the beads from a variety of Nepalese traders.
The conch shell is a perfect example. This shell is still in use for Buddhist spiritual ceremonies. Frelia has made a series of beautiful pendants from the conch shell, all to be found in this collection.

Because the antique beads are extremely precious, Frelia collaborates with Nepalese craftsman and created an affordable edition, inspired by the antique beads.

These beads carry the same look and feel as the antique beads, made with brass, sterling silver, gold plated silver and natural healing stones.