Passion Paradise Earrings: Turquoise/ Red Coral.

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Handmade in Nepal, the central bead is Brass with Turquoise and red coral inlay. The fittings, hook and tassel are Gold plated Sterling silver.

Turquoise: Stone of the sky and high mountain lakes. Historically used for healing.

Red Coral: From the garden of the ocean. Traditionally symbolized life and blood force energy. Long regarded as a stone of passion.


Actual size Metric: Antique bead 1cm x 1cm. Total length 6.5cm. Tassel 3cm.
Actual size Imperial: Antique bead 0.4in x 0.4in. Total length 2.5in. Tassel 1.2in.


$48 (USD)

Actual size

Imperial, Metric