Filigree Cross: Sterling silver Necklace. Turquoise or Pearl.

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Filigree is an ancient art form which involves twisting fine wires to create delicate lace.

This necklace comes in your choice of 3 options?

Determined: Filigree Cross with Turquoise and Sterling silver chain.

Turquoise: Stone of the sky and high mountain lakes. Historically used for healing.

Velvet vision: Filigree Cross with Pearl and Sterling silver chain.

Pearl: lustre of the moon. Long regarded as a symbol of purity.

Filigree Cross on leather.

Actual size Metric: pendant 5cm long x 4cm wide. Chain 73cm.
Actual size Imperial: Pendant 2in long x 1.5in wide. Chain 29in

NB: This necklace is also available with Pearls.


$179 (USD)

Mix n Match

Determined: Filigree Cross with Turquoise/silver chain., Velvet vision: Filigree Cross with Pearl/silver chain., Filigree Cross on leather.