Filigree heart Long Necklace. Moonstone or Sapphire.

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Filigree is the Ancient art of twisting fine wires to create delicate lace. This Sterling silver necklace has a lovely work of Filigree with tassel and you choice of Gemstone?

Moonstone: The mystery of the moon. Traditionally for protection of travellers.

Sapphire: Precious blue gem of wisdom, learning and insight.

NB: Via custom request this necklace is also available with Ruby, Turquoise, Pearl or Aquamarine.

Actual size: pendant 8cm long x 1.5cm wide. Chain 74cm.
Actual size Imperial: Pendant 3in long x 0.6in wide. Chain 29in


$179 (USD)

2 Gemstone options

Moonstone., Sapphire.