Luck flower necklace. Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli or Red coral.

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Luck flower pendant is our hand made treasure from Nepal. Made from Brass with a special gemstone combination inlay of your choice. Tassel and fittings are Gold plated Sterling Silver.

Available in 3 stone combinations with either a Gold plated Sterling silver chain or with a leather necklace.

Prosperity; Turquoise and Red coral- (Green with red center.)

Inner Queen: Lapis and Turquoise- (Blue with green center.)

Passion: Red coral with lapis-(Red with blue center.)


Turquoise: Stone of the sky and high mountain lakes. Historically used for healing.

Red Coral: From the garden of the ocean. Traditionally symbolic of life and blood force energy. Long regarded as a stone of passion.

Lapis lazuli: Deep royal blue stone of truth and good judgment. A most highly valued tribute of the Egyptians.

Actual size Metric: Antique bead 1.7cm wide. Pendant Length 5cm. Chain 70cm.
Actual size Imperial: Antique bead 0.6in wide. Pendant length 2in. Chain 27.5in.


$39$88 (USD)

Mix n Match

Prosperity w Gold plated Silver chain, Prosperity on Leather., Inner Queen w Gold plated Silver chain., Inner Queen on Leather., Passion w Gold plated Silver chain., Passion on Leather.