Lustre of the Moon Earrings. 5 Gemstone Options!

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Everyday Pearls in Sterling silver with your choice of 5 Gemstones, Gold plated Sterling silver trim.

Ruby: Precious Red gem of queens. Traditionally for passion, prosperity and love.

Carnelian: Called the setting sun by the Egyptians. For leadership and motivation.

Moonstone: The mystery of the moon. Traditionally for protection of travellers.

Sapphire: Precious blue gem of wisdom, learning and insight. Most highly valued for thousands of years.

Aquamarine: The stone of the Sea. In antiquity was believed to be the treasure of mermaids.

Actual size Metric: Including hook 3.7cm long, hanging piece 2.3cm
Actual size Imperial: Including hook 1.5in long, hanging piece 0.9in


$38$48 (USD)

5 Gemstone options

Ruby., Carnelian., Moonstone., Sapphire., Aquamarine.