Blue Truth- Turquoise & Moonstone Long Necklace

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This necklace features a Turquoise as the central pendant with tassel, it is accentuated with Gold plated Sterling silver. The chain has 2 Rainbow Moonstones. All Sterling silver.

Note from Hamish: “The Moonstones in this necklace are larger than my other necklaces making it difficult to separate the chain from the pendant. Via custom request I could put a larger ring on the pendant.”

Turquoise: Stone of the sky and high mountain lakes. Historically used for healing.

Moonstone: The mystery of the moon. Traditionally for protection of travellers.

This necklace features a natural Turquoise, with rainbow moonstone. Balinese and Italian Sterling silver and Gold plated Sterling silver.


$169 (USD)

Mix n Match

Pendant and chain, Pendant ONLY (on leather), Chain ONLY