Hamish Abbott, the designer of Frelia started making jewellery in the long warm sunny afternoons during his travels in Indonesia.

Hamish spends hours composing different jewels from all the materials he collected over the years;

shells from the remote beaches in Indonesia, antique beads from Nepal and Tibet, wood from Australia,

healing stones and the finest Silver from Italy and Indonesia.

In his studio Hamish can forget the past and focus on the now, get in tune with his surrounding and be creative.

Together with Indonesian craftsmen designer Hamish Abbot combines the different materials

into new creations using new techniques.

The healing energy of Indonesia is an important ingredient is his work.

Frelia’s mission is to share this profound energy with others. Each time a person contributes to the process, the energy accumulates.

It is this personal bond with people, which make Frelia so profound. The polisher, the tradesmen, and the craftsmen… each person connected plays an important role.