Frelia  *  Unique personal Jewellery, handmade on tropical islands *

Inspired by Natural environments and diverse cultures.

Frelia creates personal items from Sterling silver, shells, Gemstones,

Antique beads and Australian Hardwoods.

Frelia jewellery works with the best Indonesian and Nepalese craftsmen.

All materials are collected and carefully selected.

Frelia symbolizes connection.

Connection with Mother Nature and the healing and protective power

of  the energy surrounding us.

Frelia jewellery has a mission to share this profound energy with you.

Frelia gives you that opportunity.

To love our jewels and to understand the unique power of natural materials.

Unique Materials 

Nepalese treasures

Once a means of carrying wealth, these intricate antique beads are dripping in history.

The beads were originally used for rituals and carry a special energy.

Frelia has collected the beads from a variety of Nepalese traders.

Antique beads are precious and rare,

therefor Frelia also works with Nepalese craftsmen to create an affordable edition specifically for Frelia.

Available in the Nepalese Treasures collection or via Custom request.


Treasures from the Ocean 

From white sand beaches of remote tropical islands,

Frelia searches beautiful sea shells,

to be shaped into pendants which resonate with the deep mysteries of the ocean.

Available at the Ocean Bliss collection.



Healing Stones

Frelia works with healing stones, or so called gemstones, collected in India and Nepal.

These natural stones retain protective and healing qualities.

Every Frelia collection has items with different healing stones.

If you would prefer a specific item with your (birth) stone of choice, you can make your own custom request.

You can find all the healing properties of the used stones here.

Silver & Gold plated silver

Frelia uses the finest Sterling silver (925)

and gold plated silver from Italy and Indonesia.


For more information about all the materials and techniques, click here


Each piece of jewellery is above all handmade, unique and exclusive.

May each Frelia jewel inspire you for the search for new experiences,

promote the positive within, protect you from the negative and accentuate your inner beauty.

May you make others happy with your radiance, your energy, and your unique choice in life!


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