Hamish Abbott, Founder & Designer Frelia

Hamish Abbott is an Australian designer.

Originally from Armidale, Hamish was born on a farm where he grew up with respect for nature. From a young age Hamish has been collecting gemstones and learned about their healing powers.

During his travels to Tibet and Nepal he enriched his knowledge about silver and antique beads. Hamish then started making jewelry himself during the long hot afternoons after surfing in Indonesia. Hamish has enjoyed Bali for the last 10 years, soaking in the depth and wisdom of different regions, the landscape, the people and the many different rituals.

It is here, where he feels re-connected with Mother Nature and can develop his spiritual awareness, healing and health.

The jewelry has become the ideal way to communicate and share his lifestyle with others. Frelia has become a space for him to share and manifest his dreams.


Marieke Warmelink

Marieke Warmelink is a Dutch artist

Marieke grew up in the low lands of Holland surrounded by nature. Marieke lived in the city of Amsterdam for many years as an socially engaged artist, traveling around the world with her work.

Her art brought her to Bali where she was invited to make a short film and participate in an exhibition. It was during this project where she met Hamish and got on very well, artistically as well as romantically. Marieke was inspired by the work of Hamish, the ideas behind Frelia and joined forces to connect Frelia with others.